Arcane Atelier is owned and run by Igor van Vijfeyken.
In retrospect it is obvious that the passion for drawing and painting has always been present in his life. At a young age Igor expressed his thoughts and imagination through images on paper.

Despite this passion early on in life it took until 2010 before he decided to apply his talent to make a living from it professionally. Ever since the very beginning Igor has had his own distinctive style that can best be described as mysterious, melancholic and dark with a subtle hint of romance.

Imaginative stories, captured in one single frame combining old crafts and new techniques. You can lose yourself in his art because the longer you study his work, the more you will discover and the more interesting the story will become. These days Igor's personality is still mirrored in his work and the way he works: sincerity, trustworthiness, professionalism, discipline and all of this without losing his eye for artistic quality.

With depth, without fuss.